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Use CROlinq everywhere; on social media, in direct mailing, embedded on your website and everywhere your audience is!

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– Put your video url in de crolinq app
– Add the url of the landingpage wher you want to send your viewer
– Click go! and use the link or the code to embed your Crolinq Video!

Boost your conversion in 3 simple steps!

Save automatically without feeling short on cash. Decide what triggers a deposit, then improve your daily habits and build your savings with a lot less effort

  • Upload video to Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Add the video url to Crolinq
  • Tell Crolinq where to send your viewer
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Dutch e-tailer trippled sales
The Dutch E-tailer Verwarminghandel (Central Heating Supplies) boosted their conversion from video with big numbers. Not just Product videos, but also Tutorials or Vlogs are a sales tool now!

Remember how every video used to end with: ‘go to www….. for more info?’ With CROlinq this is no longer necessary. The video simply ends on the web page. This gives you the opportunity to get creative with your call to action in ways you never could before!

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